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New Order Governing Proceedings - Patent Cases - Version 3.4
New Order Governing Proceedings - Patent Cases - Version 3.4

Today, Judge Albright entered a revised Order Governing Proceedings in Patent Cases: OGP Version 3.4. This latest revision incorporates some of the Court's newest Standing Orders that have been entered this month (see previous post HERE). Some other notable changes include:

Order of Markman Briefing:

The Court has switched the order that the parties file their claim construction briefs. Defendant now files the opening claim construction brief, Plaintiff files a response, Defendant files a reply, and Plaintiff files a sur-reply.

Improper Deposition Objections:

The Court has added a new item under "General Issues" stating that:

"Speaking objections during depositions are improper. Objections during depositions shall be stated concisely and in a nonargumentative and nonsuggestive manner. Examples of permissible objections include: “Objection, leading,” “Objection, compound,” “Objection, vague.” Other than to evaluate privilege issues, counsel should not confer with a witness while a question is pending. Counsel may confer with witnesses during breaks in a deposition without waiving any otherwise applicable privilege."

Public Hearing Zoom Link:

Unless the Court indicates otherwise, the following Zoom information shall be used for all non-private hearings. The public is allowed to attend non-private hearings.
Meeting ID: 160 5707 6711
Password: 873559
One tap mobile: +16692545252,,16057076711#,,1#,873559#


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