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Naman Howell Attorneys Recognized As Fort Worth Magazine’s Top Attorneys 2022

Naman Howell is proud to announce eight NHSL attorneys were named Fort Worth Magazine’s Top Attorney 2022.

Naman Howell attorneys recognized this year are:

Grant Liser – Product Liability

Kaitlin Kerr – Civil Law & Litigation

Shane O’Dell – Civil Law & Litigation

Sandy Liser – Personal Injury – Defense

Jackie Robinson - Personal Injury – Defense

Brad Dowell - Civil Law & Litigation

Cash Barker – Commercial Litigation

Jenny Andrews – Medical Malpractice – Defense

Fort Worth Magazine is the go-to source for Fort Worth news and recommendations. They produce a yearly list featuring the best in the city, with one of their most prominent listings being the Top Attorneys list.

The list is gathered through nominations by other attorneys in the region and filtered by a panel of judges to ensure only the best make it to the list. The “Top Attorneys Cocktail Reception” was hosted on the evening of Thursday, December 1st at Lot 12 Rooftop Bar.

To see the full list check out the 2022 Top Attorneys along with information on the cocktail reception.

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