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Warren and Patterson Achieve Favorable Verdict for Trucking Company

Attorneys Larry Warren and Evan Patterson tried a case to a successful defense verdict for a trucking client. The plaintiff was a forklift operator who drove his forklift onto the back of the trailer of the defendant just as the driver was pulling forward.  The forklift along with the plaintiff plummeted 4-feet to the ground at which point the plaintiff suffered a compression fracture of the lumbar spine, and ultimately had a low back fusion. After an extensive four-day trial, the jury returned a verdict finding the plaintiff was fully at fault for the accident, placing liability at 100%. The trial was held in Kendall County with damages submitted unconditionally. The jury determined only $50,000 in damages, despite the medical charges totaling $200,000.

Warren and Patterson have a longstanding history of working alongside various trucking companies involved in a variety of accident suits to assist in their defense. The San Antonio based Partners have expertise in handling multi-million dollar matters in the courts and obtaining successful defense verdicts throughout Texas.

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