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Powell Teaches Class at Baylor Law School’s Annual Business Law Boot Camp

Naman Howell Member Andy Powell, alongside attorney Miranda Chavez, from Boulware & Valouir, taught a class on “Trademark Law and Rights of Publicity” at Baylor Law School’s Business Law Boot Camp. The event is held annually for all students attending Baylor Law School. This was the fifth year Powell has taught the class, and the first year he has taught in collaboration with another attorney.

The Baylor Law Boot Camp is an intensive course for Baylor Law students interested in business and transactional law. The week-long course offers classes on multiple aspects of business and its legal requirements and implications and is taught by a team of adjunct professors and features transactional attorneys from various practices in the area.

Member Andy Powell serves as primary legal counsel in federal court litigation, including patent, trademark, and copyright lawsuits. He also helps clients obtain patent, trademark, and copyright protection for their valuable IP assets.

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