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Ortega Wins Case in Los Angeles, California

David Ortega successfully defended a personal injury lawsuit in the Superior Court of Los Angeles, California. The Plaintiff claimed more than $12M in damages after being rear-ended by the Defendants’ tractor-trailer, and the Defendants’  attempts to resolve the lawsuit were consistently ignored. The Plaintiff was represented by the law firm Ivie McNeil Wyatt Purcell & Diggs, an 80-year old law firm created by Superior Court Judge, Earl C. Broady, Sr.  Since its inception, several of the firm’s attorneys have advanced to become Superior Court Judges.

After six weeks of pre-trial motions and proceedings, David and team successfully argued a Motion to Dismiss based on Platintiff’s failure to bring the case to trial within the time prescribed by California law. The motion was granted, and the case was dismissed in favor of the Defendants.

Mr. Ortega litigates lawsuits across the United States as National or Regional Trial Counsel for various clients. 

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