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O’Dell, Dowell, Kerr, and Hughes Obtain Favorable Verdict

After an intense 4-week long trial, the Fort Worth based attorneys of Naman Howell obtained a favorable verdict.

The hotly contested case contained over 18 causes of action spanning 13 years. After two days of deliberations the jury came back and awarded an outcome in favor of our client, permitting our client to keep his interest in the company (valued between $1.35 Million and $2 Million).

The trial team was headed by litigation attorney Shane O’Dell along with attorneys Brad Dowell, Kaitlin Kerr, and Associate Attorney Joanna Hughes, who initially worked on the case as a law clerk and has now handled it to culmination as an Associate Attorney.

Shane O'Dell is a litigation attorney based in Fort Worth. He specializes in many areas of law including commercial and transportation litigation.

Brad Dowell has over 30 years of legal experience specializing in employment and personal injury litigation.

Kaitlin Kerr is a recently announced Member of Naman Howell, her practice extends to a variety of areas including insurance litigation and estate planning.

Joanna Hughes is a recent graduate of Baylor Law School and has been noted as a “star in the making”.

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