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Naman Howell Participates in Adoption Day at Baylor Law

Naman Howell is proud to participate in the 15th annual Adoption Day at Baylor Law, in which County Judge Nikki Mundkowsky pronounced a total of 36 adoptions. NHSL attorneys assisted in 18 of said adoptions at a reduced fee.

McLennan County Department of Families and Child Protective Services, Baylor Public Interest Legal Society, along with Baylor Law students and faculty, hosted the McLennan County adoption day at a classroom-turned-courtroom at Baylor University Law School.

Naman Howell attorney John Palmer was particularly happy to assist the Adair family, who adopted 3 children.  “I was able to help a total of 15 families adopt 18 children”, he shared. The story of the Adair family is featured on the Waco Tribune-Herald.

The event marked the first time the event had returned in-person to Baylor Law since the COVID-19 pandemic.

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