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Multi-Million-Dollar Lawsuit Dismissed for Lack of Causation

The Federal Judge in Waco, Texas recently granted summary judgment on all claims in favor of a major transportation carrier represented by Naman Howell attorneys Jacqueline Altman and Clark Aspy.

Plaintiff contended that he was asleep in his truck’s sleeper berth while parked in a truck stop parking lot.  While Defendant attempted to park his truck in an adjacent parking spot, Plaintiff contends Defendants’ trailer contacted Plaintiff’s trailer and woke Plaintiff up.  Plaintiff alleged that he then exited his bunk and incurred injuries to his neck and back while exiting his bunk.  He claimed these injuries required approximately $500,000 in past medical treatment, for which he demanded multiple millions of dollars in damages against Defendants.

Defendants filed a Motion for Summary Judgment asserting that Plaintiff’s alleged injuries were not caused by the vehicle contact because Plaintiff’s subsequent choice of conduct in climbing out of his bunk was separate and distinct from the vehicle contact.  After hearing arguments at the pre-trial hearing, the Court agreed that there was a break in the chain of causation between natural results of a motor vehicle accident and alleged injuries from a party’s conduct subsequent to that accident. Summary Judgment was awarded in favor of the Defendants and against Plaintiff as to all claims.

The case was defended by NHSL attorneys Jacqueline Altman and Clark Aspy, and attorneys Robert Little and Allison Luckey also assisted in preparing the summary judgment motion.

Clark Aspy has over 35 years of experience as a trial attorney.  Jacqueline Altman is an expert in all things litigation and appeals, focusing her practice on personal injury defense and intellectual property litigation.

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