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James Howard Closes Deal for Consolidated Communications

NHSL Attorney James Howard has successfully completed the sale of the Kansas City assets for Consolidated Communications. The deal is valued at approximately $82 million in gross cash proceeds.

As the representative for Consolidated Communications, he has secured the completion of the transaction within a 15-month timeframe. Since the initiation of the deal he has been in active discourse with the respective legal team representing the buyer, Everfast Fiber Networks LLC, and other investment bankers involved. 

Consolidated Communications is one of the largest-publicly-held telephone companies in the United States, with over 36,000 fiber route miles, making it one of the top-10 fiber providers in the country, servicing 23 states. Consolidated’s Kansas City operations includes approximately 19,000 consumer subscribers, 13,000 consumer broadband subscribers, 1,900 commercial subscribers and contributed approximately $50 million of revenue in fiscal 2021.

James Howard is a business attorney with expertise in providing counsel to technology-based companies, particularly in the telecommunications industry. He has experience drafting and negotiating right-of-way arrangements, office, POP, and tower leases/licenses, dark fiber agreements, customer service/capacity agreements (including grant-funded), and technology vendor contracts. James is based in the Austin office of Naman Howell.

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