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Jacqueline Altman Shares her Experience with the Patent Court on Law360

The Western District of Texas has experienced several challenges in the past few months, with the questioning of Judge Albright’s patent court. The Western District oversaw 22% of all patent cases in the country at one point. The mandate issued by Judge Orlando Garcia ordering all future patent cases to be randomly assigned to any of the districts 12 judges, has made the legal community inquire on the future of prominent patent law court.

Naman Howell attorney Jacqueline Altman was recently quoted in Law360, for her thoughts on the performance of the patent court.

From the article:

Likewise, Jacqueline Altman, an attorney with Naman Howell Smith & Lee PLLC who focuses on patent litigation, said she'd tried over a dozen patent and non-patent cases each before Judge Albright since he took the bench and hasn't experienced any of the markings of a crowded docket.

Opinions and orders are filed timely, if not sooner than what's typical in other districts, and requests for hearings are often accommodated within a few days.

"One case that I just had, we filed a Daubert motion in the beginning of July, and we got an order on it in August," Altman said. "In other districts, I might be waiting two or three, three or four months for that."

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