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Claire Harbert Selected for Texas Young Lawyers Association Board of Directors

Naman Howell Associate Claire Harbert was selected to be on the Board of Directors for the Texas Young Lawyers Association. As a director, she will be responsible for representing the interests of District 9, which includes McLennan, Bosque, Coryell, Mills, Lampasas, Bell, Falls, Limestone, Robertson, and Milam Counties. The Texas Young Lawyer’s Association (TYLA) is responsible for representing the needs and interests of young lawyers throughout the State of Texas. The organization is a branch from the State Bar of Texas and focuses on public service in various forms. In previous years, TYLA has developed resources for indigent veterans in Texas, documents to help Texans considering adoption and other reproductive matters, and a myriad of resources for schools, including lessons of fundamental constitutional rights, and how to become a lawyer.

Claire will be assuming the place of Naman Howell Associate Mark Altman, who was the previously elected District 9 Director. During his time as Director, he was responsible for rewriting a document designed to assist pro se litigants to navigate the appellate process. He also served as the TYLA liaison on the Texas Access to Justice Committee working to increase the legal access provided to veterans throughout the state. He also assisted in improving the TYLA Evidence Guide, a quick reference guide for new attorneys to use as they attend trials and hearings.

Claire was nominated by a petition signed by a group of young lawyers in the district.

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