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Naman Howell Welcomes New Associates in 2020


Naman Howell is proud to announce the addition of seven new Associate attorneys to the firm in 2020. The addition of these Associates across all offices shows the firm’s continued commitment to serving its client’s needs while developing young talent into future leaders. Naman Howell has a proud heritage of growing talented attorneys who are recognized for their outstanding work in a variety of different practice areas and are pleased to see that tradition continuing.

The Associates joining the firm in 2020 are as follows:

Fort Worth

Uriel A. Martinez

San Antonio

Christopher C. Layne

Evan F. Patterson

Michelle D. Spencer


Jacqueline M. Perrin

Jason C. Sheffield


Stephen D. Carl

About Naman Howell Smith & Lee, PLLC

Since 1917, Naman Howell Smith & Lee has been providing individuals and businesses throughout Texas with the personal attentiveness and expertise they need on their legal matters when they need it most. We pride ourselves on our heritage, vision, and exceptional results. For more information about Naman Howell, please visit

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