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Naman Howell Lawyer Shane O'Dell Published in DRI's The Voice


Naman Howell is proud to announce that one of the Firm’s lawyers has been published in DRI’s The Voice. In his article, Shane O’Dell, along with biomechanical engineer, J. Quinn Campbell, Ph.D., explore the evolving status of the law and admissibility of seat belt evidence. They discuss how with 29 states currently not allowing evidence of seat belt use to be admissible in civil actions this can make it difficult for the defense to go for reduced damages when a plaintiff’s injuries can be linked to his or her failure to wear a seat belt. However, as times change and these old laws from the 1970’s and 1980’s start to get revisited there is a hope that more accurate verdicts may be rendered in the future. Until these laws are changed though, excluding this evidence is resulting in higher verdicts in cases, which, in turn, leads to higher insurance premiums for all. Trucking companies may also be unjustly paying an even greater portion of this cost because these companies are bigger targets for plaintiffs.

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About the Author:

Shane O’Dell

Shane O’Dell focuses his practice on driving value for his clients. Whether evaluating a situation to determine if litigation is necessary, drafting, reviewing, or revising documents to avoid litigation, or revising current policies and procedures to attempt to avoid litigation and maximize risk transfer, Shane’s primary goal is to effectively and efficiently advise the client as to the best result. Advising clients to make sound business decisions, pre-litigation, during a battle in court, or in the post-judgment phase, is the ultimate goal.

Shane’s practice has commonly involved representing individuals and businesses as Defendants, but has represented his clients as Plaintiffs if necessary. His clients and experiences span a large variety of industries and areas of the law including construction, real estate, franchise, restaurant/hospitality, transportation, commercial general liability, commercial litigation, construction defect, workplace injury, nonsubscriber, landlord/tenant, professional liability, personal liability, first party property, bad faith, entrepreneurs, oil and gas, and among others.

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