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Naman Howell Announces Addition of Gordon Stafford


Naman Howell is proud to announce the addition of Gordon Stafford as a Member in the firm’s San Antonio office. Gordon’s practice is primarily focused in the areas of insurance defense, products liability, and general litigation matters.

Prior to joining Naman Howell, from 1986 to 2012 Gordon defended clients and obtained jury verdicts throughout Central and South Texas in matters as wide-ranging as commercial personal injury claims, trucking accidents, wrongful death claims, commercial construction disputes, and workers’ compensation claims. In 2012 Gordon moved to North Carolina and obtained his law license there. He worked for McGuire Woods defending mortgage lenders and servicers. He returned to San Antonio in 2016 and worked as staff counsel for Nationwide Insurance Company defending it and its insureds in the same areas of law focused on large commercial personal injury litigation.

To learn more about Gordon, and the other attorneys in the firm, please visit the firm’s attorney profiles section.

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