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Methodist Children's Home Dedicates Newest Home Unit


Long-time Naman Howell friend and client Methodist Children’s Home recently dedicated its newest home unit in honor of MCH former President, Tim Brown. The Firm was honored to be invited to observe this event and offers its hearty congratulations to both MCH on its continued growth and service to the community and to Tim on this high honor in recognition of his vital leadership of MCH. Thank you both for your service to the community and for your trust in Naman Howell Smith & Lee!

To learn more about Methodist Children’s Home and the life changing work they have been engaged in since 1890 please visit their website at

Pictured (Left to right): Stephen Carl (NHSL), Trey Oakley (MCH President): Tim Brown (immediate past MCH president, in whose name the unit is dedicated), and John Hawkins (NHSL).

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