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Krizia Landivar Joins the Latina Leadership Institute


SAN ANTONIO (April 26, 2021) – San Antonio Member, Krizia Landivar has been selected to be a member of the Latina Leadership Institute’s (LLI) class of 2021.

LLI, which is a program of the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, is an all-female, six month program aimed at building the skills, knowledge and confidence that today’s Latina Leaders need to succeed in their political aspirations.

In addition to the Latina Leadership Institute, Krizia has demonstrated her commitment to improving the community through her other professional membership with the San Antonio Young Lawyers Association and through her pro-bono work.

“Here at Naman Howell we have always been committed to the growth and development of our young professionals,” said Managing Member of the San Antonio office Larry Warren. “Krizia is well deserving of this honor and I’m proud of Krizia’s continuing growth in leadership, both in our firm and in our community. I look forward to many people outside of the firm learning what we already know; that Krizia is a skilled and determined individual with a lot to offer our profession.”

For more information about Ms. Landivar, you may view her attorney profile or call Naman, Howell, Smith & Lee at (210) 731-6300. To get more information about the firm and our other attorneys follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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