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Hayes Fuller Awarded Founders Award by Texas Association of Defense Counsel


Naman Howell litigation attorney Hayes Fuller was awarded the honorable Founders Award by the Texas Association of Defense Counsel.

“The Founders Award is a special award to a member whose work with and for the Association has earned favorable attention for the organization and effected positive changed and results in the work of the Association.”

The Texas Association of Defense Counsel, TADC, was created in 1960. It is a professional organization of civil trial attorneys dedicated to promoting excellence in its members, fairness in our judicial system, and preserving the right to jury trial for all citizens. The Association has awarded 33 Founder’s Awards to date.

Hayes Fuller is board certified in personal injury and civil trial. He has tried well over 50 cases in his career and successfully mediated over 600 civil disputes. His constant work with the TADC, has earned him a respectable role within the organization and among his colleagues in the defense counsel arena.

The Waco based attorney has also previously served as Firm president at Naman Howell and has ample expertise on a variety of law practices including insurance defense, premises liability, products liability, wrongful death, contract, and business tort claims.

The award announcement will be featured in the TADC Magazine released this fall.

For more information on the work of the Texas Association of Defense Counsel check out their website.

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