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Georgina Buckley Elected as a Director for San Antonio Young Lawyers Association


Congratulations to Naman Howell attorney Georgina Buckley for being elected as a Director for the San Antonio Young Lawyers Association. As a director of the organization, Georgina will serve on multiple committees which are primarily responsible for the organization of events, from Courthouse Tour & Judicial Reception to the monthly luncheon, Grants and Awards, Publicity/Website, and more.

The San Antonio Young Lawyers Association, better known as SAYLA, was formed in 1948 (unofficially) and 1950 (officially) as the San Antonio Junior Bar Association, an entity of the San Antonio Bar Association. In 1974, the members of the Junior Bar officially formed the corporate structure that is now SAYLA. SAYLA continues the great traditions formed by the Junior Bar by providing opportunities and avenues for young and newly licensed attorneys to network with other attorneys and non-attorneys, socialize, learn and earn CLE credits, give back to the community, and enjoy their chosen profession.

The firm's President, Hayes Fuller, noted "We are particularly proud of our firm’s associates and their hard work in serving our communities through organizations such as the SAYLA. Naman Howell has had a long-standing reputation for our involvement in the communities we serve, and I am happy to see that tradition continuing with our young lawyers."

To learn more about Georgina, and the other attorneys in the firm, please visit the firm’s attorney profiles section.

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