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Attorney Jackie Robinson Appointed to Grievance Oversight Committee


Naman Howell Attorney Jackie Robinson was appointed to the Grievance Oversight Committee of the Texas Supreme Court. The Grievance Oversight Committee assists the Texas Supreme Court in reviewing the Texas Lawyer discipline system and providing observations and recommendations to the court.

Current attorney members include Pablo Almaguer, David Kitner, Ruben Robles, and Mitzi Phillips. Public members of the committee include Jack Dysart, Andra Mulder, and Brian Phillips, with attorney Melody Poole serving as Committee Chair and Justice Jimmy Blacklock acting as Texas Supreme Court Liaison.

Jackie Robinson is based in the Fort Worth office of Naman Howell, he is an experienced trial lawyer with emphasis on premises, general defense litigation, and product liability. Over the span of his career he has assisted a variety of clients including insurance companies, self-insured corporations, and many diverse companies in the hospitality, retail, and food manufacturing industry.

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