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Naman Howell attorneys offer a robust skillset to help our advocate taxpayer rights for our clients.  Our firm has expertise representing a range of clients, from large companies, to estates, to wealthy individuals, in civil tax matters and in criminal tax matters.

Naman Howell represents clients in contested tax matters with state and local taxing authorities, through the administrative process at the Texas Comptroller’s office, at the State Office of Administrative Hearings (“SOAH”), and when necessary in the Texas state court system.

Our attorneys can resolve tax disputes that range from administrative examinations and appeals to litigation and have accomplished client objectives through skillful negotiation with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Revenue Agents to conserve time and resources.

On the federal tax side, we represent clients needing help with:

  • Income tax
  • Estate tax
  • And employment tax matters

With audits before the:

  • IRS Appeals Office
  • U.S. Tax Court (deficiency litigation)
  • U.S. District Court (refund litigation)
  • U.S. Circuit Courts

Working in tandem with client auditors and accountants we are able to favorably resolve disputes efficiently and effectively for our clients. 


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