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If an employee is attempting to file a workers’ compensation claim and they are not entitled to benefits, you may need the skilled representation of an attorney to protect your company. Workers' compensation is state-regulated and covers employees with income and medical insurance if they are injured in a work-related incident. Employers can choose whether or not to provide this service, and claims can be denied for a variety of reasons.

Steps Employers Must Take After A Work Injury Claim

While workers’ compensation is an important system that exists to help those in need, unfortunately, there are times when employees may make fraudulent or uninformed claims. When this happens, you must take measures to ensure that these instances are properly dealt with and your company and reputation is fully defended.

Our team at Naman, Howell, Smith and Lee, PLLC has a vast amount of experience in assisting employers and insurance companies of all sorts. We have a thorough understanding of these matters and we can use the most effective strategies to ensure that you are protected.

Our Attorneys Can Protect You

Our experienced attorneys are here to reduce the risks to your company while still providing you the personalized service that you need.


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