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Naman Howell understands that the legal landscape for international trade and customs can be particularly complex to navigate due to heavy regulation, continuous evolution of trade relations, and the wide range of legal issues across various jurisdictions. Successfully navigation all of these issues requires a global approach built on a deep understanding of the ever-changing legal, business, and political factors impacting the cross-border movement of goods and services.

Naman Howell attorneys work hard to provide clients with strategic counseling to help them gain and maintain an advantage in the global marketplace. We aid clients in overcoming market barriers by helping them understand trade policy and comply with trade laws. Through effective business structuring and negotiation of cross-border agreements, our multilingual team of attorneys can assist clients in achieving the best positioning in the U.S. and in international markets.

Clients from major industry sectors seek our counsel to help them in designing and implementing systems that reduce errors and enable them to address potential problems efficiently and effectively. We can also help clients mitigate duties and taxes and find solutions tailored to client objectives in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and trade agreements.


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