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Naman Howell provides wide-ranging intellectual property counseling to help protect clients’ intellectual property and technology rights inside and outside the courtroom.

Our attorneys provide the experience and guidance necessary for success whether your existing intellectual property rights are being threatened or you need to protect your intellectual property by:

  • Securing a patent
  • Copyright
  • Or trademark
Intellectual Property Litigation

At Naman Howell, we recognize the unique challenges that come with intellectual property litigation.

Our experienced attorneys have represented clients across a variety of sectors including:

  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotech
  • Engineering
  • And telecommunications

We have aided clients in enforcing and defending their intellectual property rights in state and federal courts throughout Texas and beyond.

Our attorneys’ unique combination of local court knowledge and substantive intellectual property law provides a winning combination for any client’s IP dispute.

Our attorneys have diverse backgrounds spanning:

  • Chemistry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Engineering
  • And life sciences
Naman Howell also boasts a dedicated Patent Litigation team in its Waco office, just minutes from the Western District of Texas, Waco Division courthouse.
IP Counseling and Securing IP Rights

Our attorneys understand that intellectual property is a crucial aspect of innovation. Especially in an age of constantly evolving technology, protecting your intellectual property is a vital part of success.

At Naman Howell, we recognize that complex intellectual property issues need individual solutions. Our attorneys can help protect your intellectual property rights by obtaining a patent, copyright, or trademark.


We provide strategic counseling and handle every step of the patent prosecution process, including navigating the changing landscape of patent law and procedure.

We understand the importance of securing a valid and enforceable patent today to minimize the potential for litigation in the future. Our attorneys can take you through the prosecution process from start to finish to secure not only a patent but peace of mind.


John A. “Andy” Powell


We recognize that the success of your business hinges on its reputation and goodwill. Our attorneys can help secure trademark protection for your unique design, logo, phrase, symbol, or slogan.


John A. “Andy” Powell

Jacqueline P. Altman


Our attorneys can help you and your business secure copyright protection for your original inventive words. When you rightfully create content, it should be protected.


John A. “Andy” Powell


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