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Health care is one of the most highly regulated industries in the United States and healthcare providers and facilities encounter obstacles that divert attention and resources from their primary mission of providing quality patient care on a daily basis. The skilled attorneys at Naman Howell can help lighten that by working alongside healthcare providers to both address and anticipate their needs by offering preventative advice and practical solutions that enable them to focus on their patients and research.

Clients regularly seek our attorney's counsel on a wide variety of operational, contractual, and litigation issues. We manage, resolve, and litigate where necessary complex matters involving reimbursement disputes with private payors, CMS and Medicaid, allegations of elder abuse, professional malpractice, and issues involving vendors and business associates. We also advise clients on maintaining compliance with CMS guidelines, federal and state healthcare-specific laws including Stark and Anti -Kickback, HIPAA, the Texas Medical Privacy Act, and all other operational matters. 


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