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Texas (and Texans) are proud of their history. Long before statehood, the lands of Texas were known to be fertile, and agriculture became a massive part of our state. Since then, the demand for lawyers skilled in the diverse needs of the agriculture industry has been high.

For decades, Naman Howell has been a trusted name in representing various sectors of the agricultural industry. Our commitment to serving these needs, even on far-ranging issues of critical importance, remains unwavering.

Our attorneys represent diverse industry groups and have a wide range
of experience in assisting clients in areas such as:

  • Cattle/livestock law
  • Business entity choice and formation
  • Agricultural finance
  • Condemnation
  • Real estate and land use issues
  • Farm and ranch operations
  • Water rights
  • Environmental compliance
  • Food born pathogens

Our expertise and broad reach throughout the state of Texas and the southwest region of the United States allow us to help our clients with numerous agricultural needs.


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