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Naman Howell's Environmental and Natural Resources attorneys work to provide both practical and creative solutions to the many challenging environmental problems our clients may see. Clients have come to rely on our attorneys to help navigate the the complex and dynamic nature of the regulatory landscape when it comes to crucial environmental issues.

With clients that span across many different industries our environmental and natural resources attorneys are able to help define, mitigate, and manage environmental liabilities and obligations efficiently and effectively.

By combining our attorney's vast knowledge of environmental and natural resource laws and all of the associated regulations therein with a deep appreciation and understanding of our clients’ business needs we are able to best pursue practical and cost-effective solutions that meet our clients needs and expectations. This has given our attorneys the ability to effectively resolve complex environmental and natural resource challenges for clients in all different industries including manufacturing, automotive and transportation, retail, utility, oil and gas, chemical, construction, project development, and real estate sectors.


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