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Naman Howell’s skilled attorneys can assist clients by providing counseling as it relates to many governmental entities.  We understand the intricacies of just how state and local governments work at the administrative and legislative levels.  This gives our attorneys a level of professional credibility that enhances our ability to counsel counties, municipalities, and special purpose entities.

Our firm has a long history representing county governments, school districts, and municipalities across the state. We not only serve as general counsel to some of these clients but at times our team has even served as special counsel on administrative, environmental, financing, immigration, land use, and other matters.

Naman Howell can help guide clients to meet their objects and ensure that public purposes and private needs are integrated for the common good.

Some of the areas in which our skilled professionals can help are:

  • General Counsel Representation
  • Governmental Organization
  • Governmental Ethics and Campaign Law
  • Public Finance
  • Land Use and Zoning


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