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Administrative law covers legal matters involving businesses or individuals and state or federally regulated agencies. Founded in 1917, the attorneys at Naman Howell have a longstanding record of successfully representing clients in administrative law cases throughout Texas and beyond. Whether you operate a utilities company or are a consumer of these services, we can craft a creative solution to meet your needs. We represent a wide variety of clients in the three distinct categories or sections of administrative law.

We represent:

  • Clients operating in state or federally regulated industries
  • Public Utilities
  • Banks and insurance companies
Utility Agencies

The administrative law and utilities section of Naman Howell represents clients before state and federal agencies regulating utilities, the environment, water rights, public health, insurance, and financial institutions. We represent a number of utilities including electric, water and telephone companies as well as large consumers of these services before the state agencies regulating these services. We can also assist with appeals based on the agencies' decisions.

Banks & Insurance Companies

Lawyers in this section of our firm, along with the general business attorneys, represent and assist banks and insurance companies in dealing with state and federal regulators. With four offices located along the Interstate 35 corridor and an active practice in courts throughout the state of Texas, we are uniquely situated to serve the needs of clients throughout this state and beyond. Trust your legal needs to the firm with more than 100 years of experience.


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