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Why Choose to Partner with Naman Howell for Your Legal Needs?

Established in 1917, Naman Howell has spent over a century honing our expertise.  Our firm has positioned itself to bring exceptional efficiency, a strong reputation, and immense value to our clients. Since our humble beginnings the firm has grown and developed into an outstanding team of 100+ attorneys, spread across 5 offices throughout Texas, covering more than 50 areas of practice. Our firm counts on a long-standing history of local community leaders, state bar presidents, and board-certified attorneys. For over a century Naman Howell has created a legacy of quality attorneys who enjoy a fine reputation among the bench and bar. 


At Naman Howell prompt attention to legal problems is our specialty. Our team of dedicated attorneys and professional staff are ready to provide world-class service for all of your legal needs. We continuously strive to make efficiency a top priority in all our practices. Immediate response is in our nature and when involved in legal proceedings, prompt and thoughtful action is our key to achieve successful outcomes. 

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service, personalized attention, and creative resolutions for your legal matters.

Naman Howell is a group of dedicated professionals who advocate with excellence and integrity for our clients.

Naman Howell carries a time-honored legacy of quality legal work and successful results. With attorneys from some of the top-ranking law schools throughout the state and country; clerkships with some of the greatest legal minds of our times; board specializations in numerous practice areas; and extensive legal experience in and out of the courtroom, our firm stands poised to assist in delivering our clients with the results they have come to know and expect over the past century even in the most complex of legal matters.


We strive to provide quality and cost-effective legal services that meet our clients objectives and expectations.  We are sensitive to the significant cost that litigation and other legal representation can pose and work hard to ensure that our clients are receiving an exceptional value on the work we perform for them.  Our firm is strategically positioned to provide our clients with the exceptional legal prowess that can be found at large multinational law firms, but at a cost that tends to be significantly less, while also providing a high-level of attentive, personalized service.

This value focused model has allowed us to create and maintain longstanding relationships with many of our clients, some of which date back decades.

Efficiency, Reputation, and Value.

All things you will find as a valued client at Naman Howell Smith & Lee, PLLC.

  • Naman Howell brings Texas legal expertise to the world at large.  We handle a wide range of legal matters throughout the State of Texas for both domestic and international clients.  Established in 1917, and with five offices across the state, our clients have come to appreciate our knowledge and responsiveness to their matters.  We don't stop at Texas though.  With numerous attorneys licensed in other states, and being a founding member of ALFA International, we also possess the national and international reach that many of our clients require to handle even the most far reaching and complex of legal issues. 

    Region Powerhouse, National Reach
  • Naman, Howell, Smith & Lee, PLLC is committed to fostering diversity and equal opportunity in a positive work environment.


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