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For clients involved in a patent dispute in the Western District of Texas, Naman Howell provides the expertise and familiarity with the local rules and customs of the Court, along with established patent litigation trial experience. Naman Howell’s Waco office has a team dedicated to intellectual property disputes to represent clients at both the local counsel and lead counsel level.

Our patent litigation attorneys offer over 50 years of combined experience with federal court practice in the Western District.

Our patent litigation team boasts former federal law clerks from:

  • The emerging patent Western District
  • Waco Division
  • And the notably patent-heavy Eastern District, Tyler Division

Our knowledge on:

  • Federal practice
  • Local Waco customs and procedures
  • As well as substantive patent litigation is unrivaled

Due to the ever-growing patent litigation docket in the Waco Division, Naman Howell has grown its patent litigation team in the recent months with strategic hiring from large national law firms with a strong patent litigation presence.

Combining our local knowledge, decades of experience and substantive patent knowledge, the attorneys of Naman Howell serve as one of the largest and most reputable presence in the Western District of Texas.

Located just minutes from the Waco courthouse, we provide clients with the home-court advantage. Our attorneys live and practice in Waco. They are members of the Waco-McLennan County Bar Association, Judge Abner V. McCall Inn of Court, and Waco Rotary Club.

Our attorneys have served on the Court’s local rules committee and ADA committee and were personally involved with coordinating the investiture for our newest District Judge, the Honorable Alan Albright.

This is why so many clients and law firms across the country turn to Naman Howell for their intellectual property and patent litigation matters.

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