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Attorneys in our election, legislative, and political section, based in Austin, assist clients through various stages of the Texas and federal legislative process.

These individuals bring diverse experiences inside and outside of government to bear on solving client problems, and have developed extensive network of bipartisan relationships with local, state, and federal officials.

Our Texas attorneys have experience in all aspects of the legislative process, including:

  • Legislative drafting
  • Tracking
  • Consulting
  • Lobbying efforts
  • Strategic planning

Our History of Success With Political Law

Our lawyers have represented political parties, private corporations, individuals, trade associations, cities, counties, and special districts, working extensively with legislators, their staff, and agency officials to promote and protect client interests.

Specifically, our attorneys:

  • Maintain close, professional relationships with key legislators, staff, other elected and appointed officials, and agency officials and regulators.
  • Prepare issue papers, talking points, and comments for circulation to or in preparation for meetings with key leaders.
  • Schedule meetings and/or engage in direct communications with key legislators and staff to support clients' legislative agendas.
  • Draft bills and amendments to bills.
  • Consult with potential authors/sponsors of relevant legislation.
  • Monitor proposed bills and activities of interim legislative committees whose actions could affect clients, as well as similar monitoring of regulatory activity that may impact clients.
  • Work for enactment or defeat of legislation and agency rules.
  • Prepare for and attend pertinent legislative committee hearings and floor debates.
  • Prepare testimony before legislative committees.
  • Identify and consult with relevant associations, coalitions, and other stakeholders to strengthen clients' positions.

If you would like to speak directly to a lawyer, call one of our office locations or fill out our online form:

  • Austin - (512) 479-0300
  • Fort Worth - (817) 509-2025
  • San Antonio - (210) 731-6300
  • Waco - (254) 755-4100




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