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Posts from October 2020.

No. The Texas Family Code explicitly provides that a few things cannot become a reimbursable claims upon divorce. Student loans are one of those items.

This is a matter of "public policy" that the Texas Legislature simply believes should not be something that spouses argue over upon divorce. If you paid off your spouses students loans, that is money that you can never get back. No matter how big the loan, or what the source of funds were that you used to pay off the loan, that money cannot be reimbursed to you during a divorce proceeding.

Texas Law requires that one of the spouses must be a resident of the State of Texas for six months in order to get divorced in Texas. Additionally, Texas Law requires that you be a resident of the county that you are filing the divorce in for at least ninety days before filing for divorce.

Both spouses do not have to live in Texas in order to get a divorce in Texas. However, other factors such as the location of children and real estate may make this decision more complicated. If you are facing a divorce in which you and your spouse do not live in the same state or county, you can contact us to discuss ...


Family law can be complicated.

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